2nd Professional Eyebrow Design Course in partnership with Instituto Mix starts in March at INJR


2nd Professional Eyebrow Design Course in partnership with Instituto Mix starts in March at INJR


This Wednesday (22), Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr started another Professional Eyebrow Design Course in partnership with Instituto Mix for parents and students of the social project.

INJR’s professional training courses aim to provide tools and knowledge through partnerships with Private Companies for the families of students served to increase their per capita income, in addition to being inserted into the job market in an autonomous or effective way.

The course will cover teaching how to design female and male eyebrows, henna eyebrows, eyebrow waxing with tweezers and threads, and customer service and care.

The administrative director of the INJR, José Benício da Silva Santos, highlighted the importance of the course: “It will be 3 months of a lot of teaching, very useful for the families that we bring into the project, to combat this indicator that is so precious for the people that is the formation of income.”

The Instituto Mix’s pedagogical coordinator, Adriel Oliveira, highlighted the “Believe in your transformation” campaign: “That’s what we came here to do, transform these people’s lives through professional education.”

Eyebrow Design instructor, Camila de Oliveira Machado, explained that the objective of the course is to transform the students into differentiated professionals and make them grow in the area. “It is a profession that can be very good for a woman who needs a lot of flexibility in her schedule and in her day to day life.”, she completes.

Two students on the course, Luciana Negrão and Ana Carolina Firmino, expressed their gratitude to Instituto Mix and Instituto Neymar Jr for providing this learning and income opportunity. “The Neymar Institute is to be congratulated for the way it looks at us, from our community. We really need it because we, mothers from the periphery, favelas, which I like to be called that way, mothers from the favelas, have these courses so that we can continue and bring us income”, said Luciana. For Ana Carolina, the feeling is happiness. “I feel very happy, very grateful, because it’s not easy, for us it’s not easy, and Instituto Mix and Instituto Neymar making this available to us is wonderful”, she said.

The INJR remains committed to offering opportunities for professional training and increased income for the families assisted by the project. Congratulations to the students and good luck in this new stage!

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